Andrew-Profile-CameraAfter many years of travelling in Europe and the US taking thousands of photos, I have decided that it is time to share some of those images and the stories that goes along with them. The truth is that I am “snapping” these photos really fast without thinking much about the subject and what it means. The best description of my photographic motivations would be to call it an inspired reaction to beautiful and fascinating people and environments.

The stories that goes along with the photos are more like after-thoughts, or embellished memories of my experience of these locations and subjects. I have never believed that memories are “purely objective recordings of personal events”. Yes, you can say that you visited specific places and you met certain people that you can name, and you did certain things for a specific amount of time…but that is only part of the complete experience.

What I truly believe, is that we have the freedom to create our own memories, and that our memories can be a source of pain and bitterness, or the they can be a source of gratitude and inspiration. Human beings have the power to take each memory, good or bad, and extract something good that can benefited us – something to be grateful for, a lesson learned,  something that can be a “seed” of inspiration for a better future.

Ultimately, our memories is what makes us who we are.  The first step towards a new and better life really starts with the ancient principle of “counting your blessings”. Deeply felt gratitude can be the most empowering emotion in our lives. So I always look for something to be grateful for in every situation – even in difficult situations that can teach me painful but important lessons.

So with words and pictures l will strive to cultivate good memories and much gratitude, and realize that I can actually change my past, and thus create a more beautiful future for myself and all those who are part of my life.


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  1. Stumbled on your blog. Thanks for sharing photos of area around Tonsberg, my ancestral land. Grandfather born in Andebu. We are in New Hampshire USA


  2. Heh, I am guessing it is very Norwegian to value privacy and tend to be anonymous online.

    I enjoyed your photos. They are quite beautiful, and convey a vision of a pristine world of nature.

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