Buliding a Viking Ship – Part II

For anyone interested in the Viking Era and especially Viking ships, I am lucky to have a brother who lives only a ten minute walk away from the harbor in Tønsberg, where a detailed replica of the original Oseberg ship is anchored most of each summer. In the last few years (since they started to build the Saga Oseberg), I have had the chance to visit my brother and add some more photos to my existing collection (featured in the blog post titled Building a Viking Ship).

Late one night in July, I was able to go down and have the ship all to myself for as long as I wanted. It gave me the chance to pay more attention to the craftsmanship and all the amazing details that went into re-building this famous, historic Viking ship. I may not know the name of each detail, but the photos should give you a pretty good idea. So this is part-two of the original blog post called Building a Viking Ship-Part I.

Saga Oseberg
Saga Oseberg in Tønsberg Harbor

Saga Oseberg Plate

Front and Back Keel


Main Sail Under Canvas

Mast Base

Block and Pully

Main Mast

BlackTare Protects the Ropes During Ocean Crossing

Intricate Carvings

Ropes and Pullies

Beautiful Rope Work


Coiled Rope

Sail and Oars

Wood Pin for the Sail Ropes



Longboat Balast

Rope Ball in Longboat

Longboat Bow Detail

Longboat Detail

Longboat and Longship Keels

Beautiful Longboat Carving


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