The Viking Long House

Viking Sacred Hazel Tree 3Like so many Scandinavians who has  immigrated to America, I have begun to explore various aspects of my Norse Roots. I believe it is very important to have deep roots and a strong sense of cultural identity…especially today in our rapidly changing world.

Norwegian’s, for the most part feel close to land and I have always had a great sense of place. As far back as I can remember I would wander alone deep in the hills around my small home town in southern Norway. I would never feel alone or lost, but rather I would feel inspired and energized, because nature was my teacher and closest companion.

I would draw strength from the cultural landscape where I grew up – from the woods, the old farms and the rich architecture. And I loved celebrating the seasons and the cycles of the natural world – just like my Norse ancestors did – and just as traditional people from all over the world have done.

In August 2015 I visited Midgard Historic Center in southern Norway with my brother Morten and his son Jørgen. Most of the photos are from the great viking hall at Borre  – an amazing reconstruction of a great mead hall built for the viking aristocracy. The remains of two similar halls have recently been discovered just next to the Borre park, indicating that Borre was a center of power in the early Viking Age.

Long House in Barley Field
Long House in Barley Field

Grave Mounds 2

The Borre Park near the city of Tønsberg features the largest collection of great mounds from the later Iron Age in the Nordic region.

Jorgen With His Viking Friend
Jørgen and His Viking Friend
Viking Sheds in Field
A Viking Farm Close to Harvest
Viking Long House 2
Viking Long House
Woman Enter Longhouse
Woman Enter Longhouse

Long House Details

Long House Detail

Jorgen by the Door
Jørgen Admiring the Wood Carvings
Viking Long House 3
The Great Hall
Long House Fire Pit
Fire Pit in the Great Hall
Entering the Back Door
Morten Entering the Back Door
Woman In Longhouse
Woman In Longhouse
The Head Table
The Head Table
Viking Long House 4
Long House Ceiling Beams
Viking Games
Viking Games
Horse Cart by the Shed
Horse Cart by the Shed
Viking Long House 5
Dragon Heads on Tent Structure
Viking Tents
The Burial Mound
On Top of the Burial Mound 
Sacred Oak Grove
Sacred Oak Grove
Time to Go Home
It Has Been a Good Day


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